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Business Coaching for Leaders and Entrepreneurs

I am a Business Coach and Leadership Development Consultant.

Would you like to be a better manager and leader and live a more balanced and happy life? Are you an entrepreneur and would like to adopt a mindset that will help you to succeed? I am here to help you to do that.

I lived in many cities and three countries. I am a certified MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) practitioner and Business Coach. I practiced management and leadership in an organizational environment and dedicated my Master's to the topic of Leadership in remote teams. I lived through many things in the corporate world and life. Based on that experience I can help you to deal with your challenges at work and, perhaps in life, effectively because:

- I catch your context quickly;
- I know the challenges you face as a manager and leader;
- I know what it means to build a strong and engaged team;
- I know how it can be hard to switch from a task-controller role to leadership;
- I know how bumpy life could be when you are going through huge challenges whether in a professional area or in life;
- I know how it feels to change yourself, your team and your organization;
- I know how "culture eats strategy for breakfast" and so on and so forth.

Considering all I just mentioned above I see coaching as a great instrument to help people in the world to grow professionally and personally, succeed and become happier. The Conscious Business Coaching (CBC) approach I use is one of the most powerful tools to get you where you want to be.

CBC helps you to define and accomplish your goals successfully. It supports you on the path to becoming a better Manager and Leader. CBC changes your mindset helping to succeed in the market as an entrepreneur. This philosophy nurtures your integrity and alignment with your Values. It is your tool to write your professional and life story as a protagonist rather than a spectator.

If what I say resonates with you let's go this way together. Actually, the Way is endless but fascinating.


For ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs.

What is the essence of Business Coaching?  

Business Coaching is the powerful instrument people need on their journey to evolve as a manager, leader and entrepreneur.

Business Coaching is the form of a tailored service provided by a coach (a person who is familiar with an organizational context, people development process and psychological instruments) for a manager/leader/entrepreneur in the form of structural developing dialog. 

Business Coaching aims to make a company or a person more successful to win the market competition. In the modern dynamic and uncertain world that is possible to reach only through making people more effective in the workplace providing them with tailored support for their development, on the one hand, and maintaining their well-being as the whole person, on the other hand. That is what a Business Coach does.

What are the benefits of Business Coaching for you?

Personal & organisational effectiveness

As a result of coaching a manager/leader/entrepreneur spends much less time and energy on completing tasks, achieving goals and overcoming difficulties.

High quality of Management & Leadership

That means significant improvement in team management and leadership, collaboration with colleagues, clients and conflict resolution. 

High level of motivation & engagement

With the coaching support a leader/manager/entrepreneur gets insites, feels inspired, motivated and engaged transmitting then this energy to the team and business. Wellbeing is maintaining. 

Professional development & personal growth

A leader/manager/entrepreneur sets clear professional, career, personal and business goals, focuses energy to the right direction and accomplish his/her goals successfully. 

How does Business Coaching work as a process?

Key elements of the process are:


Coaching sessions are conducted on-line or face-to-face. The possible duration is 30-60 min. Sessions are conducted in English or Russian.


You can schedule sessions with me directly in my calendar, or in messenger or through an on-line coaching platform according to your preferences using available time-slots.


Sessions are conducted in Zoom, Teams, Skype or in other video-platforms.


You can reach me every time by the messengers or email. Additional materials (e.g. managerial tools, models, articles, books and sources are provided).


Base-line is set at the beginning. Special questionnaire, technology of reflection points, post-session feedback, feedback from colleagues are used in the coaching process to track effectiveness. 

Coaching options.

Here you can choose a standard option according to your needs. 

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for your managers/leaders, teams and the whole organisation.

MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is an instrument of business psychology to boost personal and organizational effectiveness.

MBTI is an ideal instrument for coaching, leadership development, team development and career design.

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Here is what my clients say:

Oleg, I wanted to say thank you for our joint work. During our meetings, you managed to get to the bottom of the matter, help to find out sometimes even incomprehensible things to me, and work on their solutions. Thank you for your professionalism, structuredness (which was very important to me), pressure (in some situations I needed a sober view of things), positive (every meeting was in a positive way, even on difficult topics), and, of course, the result! I definitely got the benefit and pleasure from our meetings and will use the skills and ideas I have developed! Good luck with your business! You are a great Coach!


Quality Assurance & H&S Manager

Oleg has been a great coach to me in my fast-changing working environment of a scale-up organization. He has a sensitive ear to my concerns and sometimes mixed-up thoughts. He put structure to it, created an environment of trust and confidence. He had that perfect balance between business knowledge and attention for my personal wellbeing; respectfully shining some light on my blind spot, which brought new perspectives. A big thanks to you Oleg!


Head of Global Learning & Development

Hi Oleg, thank you very much for your support. I enjoyed working with you, especially the positive feedback you shared during our sessions. You helped me make a switch to a different mindset, which enables me to tackle challenges within my work from a different perspective.


Director Complience

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